Donate: Empower the Youth

Hey there!
When we created SocialWorks our goal was simple, to empower the youth of Chicago and advocate for the fulfillment of individual achievement and success in all its forms.
Growing up in Chicago, we all had shared ambitions, from pursuing the arts to finding success in the classroom. But most importantly, in all of our shared journeys, we regularly had someone who listened to us when we expressed ourselves, always unapologetically and unfiltered.
SocialWorks aims to continue this tradition and help the next wave of Chicago youth just as others helped us before.
By donating to our cause, we can help continue to run initiatives likeOpen Mike,The Warmest Winter,Parade to the Polls, and ourNew Chance: Arts & Literature Fund.
We're excited to continue to bring impactful initiatives to Chicago, and we hope that you tag along for the ride.
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- Justin, Chancelor, and Essence