Reforming the CPS Education Budget

Illinois' education system is one of the most severely underfunded in the nation.
After years of being underfunded, the Chicago Public Schools system has been forced to cut teachers, supplies, and after school programs. Despite having already cut $260 million in costs internally, CPS was left a $215 million gap in their budget as of May 2016.
To prevent further irreparable damage, the only solution is for the Governor to sign the bill allocating these necessary funds to CPS, and then working with the General Assembly to pass a budget and education funding reform.
As the people of Illinois wait for Governor Rauner, I will push towards the goal of $215 million and for every $100,000 we receive, SocialWorks will donate $10,000 to a school of our choosing.
Charitable donations certainly help fill gaps to provide enrichment opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, but can't make up for less-than-adequate state funding of our schools. The state of Chicago Public Schools needs to be remedied, and it's the Governor's job to lead that effort.

“Invest in us as we've invested in you.”

A message from the children of Chicago.
On February 27th, 2017, public school students called upon the brands below to invest in their education as they have invested into their businesses. Stand in solidarity with Chicago’s public school students and help make their voices heard!

Email us atinfo@socialworkschi.comto suggest other brands you’d like to see support CPS.

Each donation will go directly to the Chicago Public School Foundation. These funds will be used to strengthen curriculum, provide materials for student support, create enrichment opportunities, and help evaluate performance to hold CPS accountable towards maintaining high standards.