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This is your stage, your crowd, your community.

Every month, we partner with the Chicago Public Library to present a space for high school students to share, express, and network with like-minded individuals.

This event, housed in the Harold Washington, showcases randomly selected students to present a 3-minute piece of their choice. Afterward, we bring our friends to perform, teach, and inspire.

OpenMike often closes with professionals sharing about their creative process and pieces of their choosing.

Brother Mike Hawkins

OpenMike is named in honor of a very special mentor of ours, the late “Brother Mike” Hawkins.

SocialWorks’ inspiration came from Brother Mike; he educated, connected, and inspired us to pursue our passions through artistic expression. We want to celebrate and expand Brother Mike’s vision. OpenMike aims to teach showmanship, connect young artists, and inspire creativity within the next wave of Chicago youth.

Brother Mike creator of OpenMike




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