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We are proud to announce that this year we sponsored the “Youth Summit 25!”, where programming focused on the topic of human trafficking awareness and self-worth.

There was a Youth Town Hall Discussion entitled, “Stuck in Traffick” featuring a panel of city officials, community leaders, representation of organizations providing resources and many more! Immediately following the Youth Town Hall Discussion the teens heard from Walgreens Expressions Challenge in a session entitled, “Rising Above Trauma” focusing on self-care, leadership and decision-making skills.

After the Youth Summit Town Hall and General Session there was a live youth showcase on the BWe Main Stage entitled, “Self-Made Chi” which featured local musical acts, poetry and much more!

The BWe Youth Summit targets teens between the ages of 12-19 and students had the opportunity to directly interact with corporate sponsors and a bevy of entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and small business owners within the BWe Marketplace.

SocialWorks’ involvement included an interactive empowerment space, where guests decorated canvas bags to describe the many ways they are inspired by Black Women, purchased new SocialWorks merch and capture the range of Black Beauty at our PhotoBooth. Guests also received information regarding mental health, SocialWorks initiatives, and other services at the SocialWorks Booth! If you were there, you know how awesome of an experience it was! We were so excited to serve Chicago!

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