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Written by Ashley Bihun for WGN AM. Check out the original article here

On the show, Scott kicks off the show by talking with our featured guest roundtable featuring Ronny Sage, Aristotle Loumis and Justin Cunningham. Focusing on SocialWorks founded by Grammy-award-winning musician and humanitarian Chance the Rapper, aims to empower the youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement. Since it’s genesis, SocialWorks has created 5 initiatives that present youth the opportunity to learn and act on their passions. SocialWorks’ programming focuses on education, mental health, homelessness, and performing and literary arts and directly affects thousands of youth a year. SocialWorks has also committed over $4M to the Chicago Public Schools system, and over $1M to mental health access.

On the latter half of the show, Scott kicks off the Startup Showcase by talking with CEO of SimpleShowing, Fred McGill. SimpleShowing is a real estate tech startup that allows consumers to shop without an agent, book showings on-demand and earn half of the Buyer’s agent commission at closing – $5,800 on average. They recently launched remote access for home sellers via a digital lockbox, allowing home sellers to avoid paying Buyer’s agent commission altogether. Next on the show Scott is joined with the CEO of  Cloudastructure, Rick Bentley. Cloudastructure provides cloud-controlled physical infrastructure to enterprises. After surpassing the competition by putting access control and video surveillance in the cloud, in 2015 they’ve found themselves uniquely positioned to add Machine Learning and Computer Vision to our offerings. Just like Google indexed the web so you can search the web, we index all of the surveillance video so you can search the video (by “person”, “animal”, “vehicle”, etc.). They can do this because we have all the data in one place, on powerful computational platforms, which is unique to our offering.

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