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Flooding Factory is a project built on family and community.  Created and ran by two public high school art teachers in Chicago who live and teach on the southwest side of Chicago with strategic advising from their brother/brother in-law.

As artists and collectors themselves, the Factory team members appreciate that every piece, project, and item can be unique in its approach and message. Handcrafted art is non-fungible by nature, a truly “one of its kind”; and PFP (Profile Pictures) projects have the ability to unite groups of strangers from across the globe over the love of a common, but still unique image. Flooding Factory hopes that you enjoy and utilize the BLOBs as you see fit. Whether as your profile picture on social media, or a stand-alone piece of handcrafted art, a BLOB is what you make of it.

“Flooding Factory is looking to incorporate a charitable component to our project that gives back to the community that has given to Chicago so much. In particular, we are drawn to SocialWorks because of its commitment to public education and art education. Plus, we are all huge fans of Chance the Rapper!” says Daniel Rosenbaum of Flood Factory

The end goal and future dream for Flooding Factory is to build as a neighborhood arts space + studio, located in the community on the south side of Chicago, merging together their passion for art, education, and community.

Flooding Factory’s initial donation will be 10% of revenue from the Series I release of their digital art NFT. With intentions to make an additional 10% donation from the revenue from the Series II release of their digital art NFT which occurs on January 4, 2021. 

Click here to learn more about Flooding Factory and how to participate in the release of their digital art NFT.

 Some of the images that will be up for sale as part of the Series II release. These pieces will be available for sale at