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Lyft is a ridesharing company that is operating in 644 cities in the US and Puerto Rico and 9 cities in Canada. Lyft, which started in 2012, is the second-largest ridesharing company, with a 28% market share. With more than 28 million users and over 1.4 million drivers nationwide.

Throughout the years, there have been changes to the brand. One thing that hasn’t changed is the recognition they give. For 5 years, Lyft has held an annual Lyft Awards. The Lyft Awards recognize and honor various Lyft Drivers in multiple cities, through various components – driving record, accomplishments, etc. Whether it was to connect people with their friends and families or be that helping hand or lending ear, they’ve made a lasting impact in their community.

Recently, Justin Cunningham and Essence Smith, Co-Founders of SocialWorks, a nonprofit organization that empowers the youth through arts, education, and civic engagement, spoke at the Lyft Awards about their partnership and the impact of the supported New Chance Fund. SocialWorks and Lyft partnered in October of 2018, and since then, Lyft has had 304,000 donating passengers and 395,000 donating rides to date, which has equated to a $213,000 contribution to the New Chance Fund. Contributions like this help SocialWorks continue to grant schools and provide funds that offer CPS students in bell enrichment programming.