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Chicago, IL, Thursday, October 07, 2021—The Simple Good (TSG) will be hosting its Eighth Annual City of Big Dreams Fundraiser at the Chop Shop at 5:30pm. The event is a collaborative showcase uniting poetry, music, dance, and visual art under a single inspiration– the rebirth and transformation of Chicago through our collective dreams, and acknowledgement of the good that surrounds us. 

The showcase features influential artists whose support for community initiatives and artistic missions align with The Simple Good’s mission. Live art and a pop-up gallery by popular Chicago visual artists will also be featured. 

The impact of COVID-19 has significantly impacted the communities TSG serves leading to tripling the demand of TSG Social Emotional Learning based Art Programs by schools and non-profits across Chicago. To keep up with the demand, TSG is uniting the Chicago Artist Community for a multi-disciplinary night of the arts to raise $60,000 to fill the funding gap to support over 500 students in the upcoming school year.

The event will be hosted by Bundo Onwueme and DJ’ed by Chicago Artist, Shala. Performing artists include King Marie (R&B), Chai Tulani (Afro-Soul Hip Hop), Ayinde Cartman (poetry), Nathan Graham (Soul Country), Neak Undefined(Hip Hop) and a debut by Chicago Band, MIIRRORS. The night will also feature live painting by Barrett Keithley and Ivan Vazquez in addition to a robust silent auction and gallery with artists from around the world including Dwight White (Chicago), Lauren Pearce (Ohio), Never 2501 (Italy), Nolis Anderson (Chicago) and more!

100% of proceeds of The City of Big Dreams go towards supporting The Simple Good, a Chicago-Based 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to connect the meaning of ‘good’ from around the world to empower youth to become positive activists through art and discussion. Through TSG’s Social Emotional Learning based art programming, TSG challenges students to participate in positive activism in effort to improve decision-making skills and provide community uplift. By connecting the meaning of good from around the globe we leverage mindfulness to empower our students to change their world. TSG’s powerful Arts Residency Program spans from a semester up to a year long. We support the trauma recovery process and develop the 5 Core Competencies of Social Emotional Learning (Self-Awareness, Self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and positive decision making) while introducing Mindfulness practices in the classroom.

Art Teacher, Ms. Marquez, from Little Village, explained how TSG has impacted her students. “[One of our students] was getting into a very negative space before participating in the program. He came to school angry, cursing and getting involved in gangs everyday. I saw him change dramatically during our program where he was surrounded by positivity and other students who also valued positivity during the class sessions. By the end of the program, his simple good was ‘we are better together’ and he doesn’t hang out with those gang members as much anymore.”

This City of Big Dreams will also be celebrating two honorees during the night of October 7th – BUILD Chicago and Jack Morton, for their exemplary partnership and commitment to spreading ‘the simple good’ over the past year. 

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