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In 1942 Pablo Picasso combined the seat and handlebars from a common bicycle to create what would become one of the world’s most famous artworks. Bull’s Head, the found object sculpture was playful, audacious and clever.

This inventiveness wasn’t initially appreciated. In response to protests, the sculpture was removed from the 1944 exhibition were it was first shown. Many people did not consider Bull’s Head art.

Seventy years later, conventional wisdom and art historians now recognize Bull’s Head as one of Picasso’s greatest works. This reversal of fortune, from controversy to canon, recurs throughout the history of art. Work that initially shocks is later revered.

Now we’re teaming up with NBA LAB to do the same thing for charity. With well-known graffiti, street, and contemporary artists to reinterpret the sculpture. Right now there are 30 curated pieces from @shiro_one , @eyez , @questionjosh , @freehandprofit , @riiisaboogie, and so many more.

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NBA LAB presents CHICAGO BULLS REMIX – The iconic Picasso Bull’s Head sculpture reinterpreted by well-known graffiti, street, and contemporary artists. Curated by Billi Kid In support of SocialWorks