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In honor of its 55th anniversary, Connie’s will be selling the 3-shaped “Take A Chance” pizza, starting Oct. 8.

Chance likes just cheese, but Stolfe says customers can add whatever toppings they desire to their own order. The pie will cost $24.99, and 55 percent of the profits will go to SocialWorks, Chance’s charity dedicated to youth empowerment. Chance will even make an exclusive, invite-only appearance at the restaurant in October to promote his pizza.

The unique shape, however, poses a bit of a challenge. “I’ve got to figure out a way to mass-produce it,” Stolfe says. “But I will.”

Once the special pizza goes on sale on Monday, Connie’s plans to keep it on the menu for at least three months. They’ve committed to raising $100,000 for SocialWorks, but Stolfe has even bigger dreams.

“I personally would like to get it to at least $250,000,” he says.

Connie’s will also offer customers the chance to round up their checks to benefit SocialWorks, which aims to “(foster) leadership, accessibility and positivity” within Chicago youth, according to its website.

“He’s a South Side kid who made it and is trying to give back,” Stolfe says. “This seems like a really worthy cause, and the alliance with Chance is just pretty seamless.”

Head to Connie’s starting Oct. 8 to chow down on a “Take A Chance” pizza, or order one on their website.

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