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Warmest Winter is here!  For those that don’t know, Warmest Winter is SocialWorks’ seasonal initiative providing relief for individuals experiencing homelessness through service, events, and direct support! ⁣During Warmest Winter, we typically host our Annual “A Night at the Museum” event at the Museum of Science and Industry. This event would directly benefit those experiencing homelessness via our later event with @michaelairhartexperience called “Taste for the Homeless.” Unfortunately, due to the world’s current climate, we will not be able to hold it this year.

 However, we do have some exciting thing plans!⁣

We hosted a community turkey giveaway on November 24th + 25th where we gave away 1,500 turkeys at 6 locations across Chicago’s south, east, and westside!⁣ But that’s not all! Our warmest winter donation boxes are back!  This year, we’re collecting hygiene items and toys that will later be distributed at this year’s “Taste for the Homeless Pop-Ups!.” ⁣

We have 13 drop-off locations across the Chicagoland area! One of those locations being Top Fashion in Addison, IL. Zain Qureshi and the Top Fashion team have decided to donate and raffle off 2 coveted, limited sneakers in the winners size. For every item donated, the donation will count as an entry to the raffle. There’s 2 separate raffles, the first being for a pair of Air Jordan Retro 4 ‘Fire Red’ and the second one being a pair of Air Jordan 1 OG HI ‘Mocha’.

SocialWorks’ correspondent, Carlos Oliva, spoke with Zain Qureshi of Top Fashion to hear more about himself, his shop, and the giveaways they put together to support SocialWorks’ Warmest Winter and those who are in need during this holiday season.

Carlos: First and foremost, who are you and what do you do?

Zain: My name is Zain Qureshi. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Chicago. I am the co-owner of Top Fashion, also known as TF.  

What is Top Fashion and what is it to you?

Top Fashion is a family owned lifestyle boutique.We mainly sell footwear and apparel. I refer to it as a lifestyle boutique because in addition to fashion, we are heavily influenced by the other cultural trends, including music and art. To me, it is a place where we can connect with our consumers, generate ideas, and push our creative limits. TF is my passion and the team is truly my second family.

How long has it been around?

TF was started by my father, Aftab Qureshi, in 1993 as an apparel and footwear store. Over time, the brand has evolved with our consumers. Our goal for this next year is to build deeper connections with our consumer and the community in which we reside. 

When did you know you wanted to do what you do?

While growing up, I spent a great deal of time at the store. I learned about all of the different aspects of managing a business, including sales, merchandising, and inventory. While away at college, I found myself still heavily influenced/interested in the business and longed to come back one day. After college, I made the decision to concentrate all of my efforts and time on growing the business and have never looked back. 

How long have you been doing that?

I joined TF on a full-time basis in 2016.

What makes you and Top Fashion different from others?

Our store has always been inclusive and is a place where the surrounding community can come to shop, chat, or just hang out. Im proud to say that it’s a warm and inviting atmosphere. We strive to provide the best service and continue to innovate the retail experience.

When did you originally hear about SocialWorks?

I learned of SocialWorks through my coworker, Carlos Oliva, who has been actively volunteering for a few years and is now an intern at SocialWorks. Carlos has done a wonderful job and is part of the TF family. We are honored to be working with an organization that is impactful to the Chicago communities. 

What drew you towards SocialWorks and participating in our Warmest Winter initiative?

We are always looking for ways to give back to the community because it is the people that have supported us for many years and we are grateful. We are excited to participate in the Warmest Winter initiative and are glad we can use our voices to support a great cause.

What exactly is this raffle Top Fashion is holding?

To make it exciting, we are holding a new raffle every week for those individuals who make a donation. The prize for the winner is a pair of limited Jordans in a size of their choice.

Rules and regulations?

The rules are easy. Bring in an item from the donation list to the store and receive a certain amount of tickets per item. Some items like toys may receive 3-4 tickets per toy. 

If you cannot come to the store in person, we also have raffle tickets for sale on our website at 100% of the proceeds will go to SocialWorks. We have the full details on the raffle on our social medias and website at

What is your goal for this year’s Warmest Winter drive?

Our goal is to have that box overflowing with donations! We hope our involvement in the Warmest Winter drive is helpful and we hope to continue to work with Social Works on other initiatives as well. 

How long will this last? Are you still accepting donations?

The raffles are held every week. We are taking donations until December 6th, 2020. 

What’s next for you and Top Fashion?

We are opening our second location early 2021. It is in Downtown Naperville where we will be able to provide our consumers with a new experience, design wise. I think both new and old customers will appreciate all the work we have put into this location. Come by and check us out once we are officially open! 

Where can people reach you guys for more information?

For more information regarding our Warmest Winter Raffle and TF, people can reach us via email at, visit our website at , check us out on instagram @TopFashion54 , Facebook @TopFashion93 or just stop in and say hello!