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Written and Creatively Directed by Hailey Love, Jeremiah Shade, & Noah Chris

“The Cure” is a piece written and creatively directed by Hailey Love, Jeremiah Shade, and Noah Chris. This trio is no stranger to creating larger than life moments and spreading truth through poetry (see previous work). The piece will be re-released on June 4th on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. 

Watch “The Curehere

“We wrote this piece a year ago and I’m sad to say that I see and understand gun violence even more a year after writing the piece. The subject matter is still extremely relevant and we cannot stop having these conversations. I think that this re-drop serves as a reminder.” – Hailey Love  

“This piece was written by three kids from Chicago, a city where gun violence is all too common. I think that we were inspired largely by our beliefs and our experiences. Our goal in writing this piece was to create a piece of art that inspired people and provided context to what it means to have “the cure.” says Hailey Love when asked about the inspiration behind the piece.

Jeremiah Shade believes that a re-drop of “The Cure” is essential to keep the conversation going and not letting the message behind it get lost. “I think this piece still has ears to reach. A year after its inception we have not seen the problem remedied and we can’t allow the message to fall onto deaf ears. We are big advocates for continuous conversations even after media and performance coverage ceases to happen, so a re-drop only seems right to continue to push the message.”

Noah Chris says this is a timeless piece, one that can have countless re-drops so the message is received. “This is a subject that’s still relevant today and everyday because people die everyday to gun violence. It still happens in our communities. Kids are still losing friends and mothers are still losing their children and it goes on. I think we could drop this piece over and over again until violence is not a recurring thing.”

“The Cure – 1 Year Later”, serves as a re-drop and a breakdown of some of the writers’ favorite lines and inspiration behind the piece. Check out “The Cure – 1 Year Later” below!