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Hey, it’s your friends at SocialWorks here! You know…Chance’s non-profit with the mission to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement? It’s us! And guess what? We teamed up with The Reader to present a fun look at our newest mental health initiative, My State of Mind, and it’s incredible holistic support.

While the digital resource isn’t available just yet (and honestly is too extensive to fit in this insert)we thought it was important to give you a sneak peek and share some of the services available via My State of Mind, maybe these resources will spark you or your friends’ wellness journey! We know this year has been challenging. We’ve all needed help. Rest assured, there are thousands of people who’ve dedicated their lives to helping you in a time of need. We say that because we know! They’re all included with My State of Mind which aims to have different approaches, specialties, services, competencies, amenities, and lots of love as it relates to mental wellness.

Expect My State of Mind to arrive in early 2021
with a wholly reimagined take on mental health access.